29th Festival of Fantastic Films

Pendulum Hotel Manchester


26th - 28th October 2018

For 28 years, and running, the Festival of Fantastic Films has been bringing the best collection of movies and guests to Manchester

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Breaking News

13th October 2018

Unfortunately Michael Craig has had to cancel, please see the message below:

I'm afraid the news is not good. I.m pretty well housebound for the foreseeable future and unable to make the festival even though
I very much wish I could. Well, thats life as you approach ninety,hope it goes well and again my regrets, Michael


October 2018

Actor Dan Van Husen has confirmed that he can attend


October 2018

Unfortunately illness will prevent Simón Andreu from attending. We hope he recovers and considers a rain check for next year.


18th September 2018

Progress Report 2 is now available

(Click on the picture on the right to download)


September 2018

Actress Dawn Lyn confirmed she will attend

August 2018

David Weston and Fred Williams confirmed that they can attend

27th June 2018

Progress Report 1 is now available

(Click on the picture on the right to download)


13th June 2018

Luigi Cozzi has been confirmed as attending

25th May 2018

Ray Brady has confirmed that he can attend

6th May 2018

Simón Andreu and Michael Craig have agreed to attend.

Guest List



Simón Andreu

Cancelled due to illness

Ray Brady


Luigi Cozzi


Michael Craig

Cancelled due to illness

Dawn Lyn



Aldo Lado


Dez Skinn


David Weston


Fred Williams


Dan Van Husen



Please note although all guests have confirmed that they will attend

attendance is subject to health and work commitments

Our Guest line-up in 2017

Guests: Camille Keaton, Jonathan Rigby, Lone Fleming, Jenny Hanley, Renée Glynne, Carlotta Morelli and Ruggero Deodato

Membership Rates


Cost £85 per Person for full weekend - Payment by Cheque / Computer Banking or Paypal.( gil1645@gmail.com)

Accommodation rates are:

£60 For Friday Only
£140 for Friday & Saturday only
£200 for Fri /Sat & Sunday.

Please Note that the hotel has stated that these rates wll be held untl July. However this does not guarantee that they will not keep rooms available. If they receive a booking from any other party those will be rooms that wil not be available to Festival goers. So you are advised to book as early as possible. You don't have to pay in advance. Just make the booking.

We have had complaints in the past regarding rooms being unavailable THE ONLY solution is as follows
If you are unable to come you can without any problems cancel

- however You do need to book early as they  only keep the rooms until July 31st. So the hotel may start using our allocation.

You can obviously pay now if you wish but you do not need to.

There is only a limited allocation.

You will need to say that you are attending the Festival Of Fantastic Films as they keep a separate allocation for us.




We would like to hear from all fans old and new. Tell us what you would like to see at the next Festival. In addition, we would like some feedback on how we can improve. Tell us what you liked or what you did not. If you have attended in the past but have not done so recently tell us why.

Contact us via the website/Facebook or email Gil on grlyfilms@gmail.com

Please note that the former email gil@manchesterfantasticfilms.co.uk no longer exists.

Festival Memories

They're gone they're gone. So borrow one from a friend, or better still offer them twice the price.

Many of the guest interviews were filmed and are available on dvd.

Click here for more information

Over 20 Years of Film Fandom

A Tribute to .... The Festival of Fantastic Films

Book by George Houston & George Gaddi

To read more Click here

Independent and Amateur Films

Contact Us


If you want to receive information as soon as it is available then send an email to Gil to include you on the data base.

contact Gil on grlyfilms@gmail.com


If you have any comments (positive or negative) then please send them to Gil. Email: ggrlyfilms@gmail.com

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