30th October to 1st November 2015



For 26 years, and running, the Festival of Fantastic Films has been bringing the best collection of movies and guests to Manchester

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Progress Report 3 is now available

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Breaking News - we are please to announce two new guests have confirmed

Isla Blair

Julian Glover

Erika Blanc


Other Guests


Jack Taylor

whose films include Ninth Gate/ Conan The Barbarian/ Horror of the Zombies/ Count Dracula & Custer of the West

Victoria Price

writer/actress known for Edward Scissorhands

author of"Vincent Price, a Daughter's Biography".

Sarah Douglas

whose films include: Superman/ Superman II / Conan the Destroyer/ Return of the Living Dead III and numerous TV Credits

Note: Guests appearances are subject to commitments

The Festival of Fantastic Films will hold its 26th Annual event over the weekend of Halloween ( 30th Oct - 1st Nov 2015 ) in the Pendulum Hotel ( Previously known as Days Hotel ).
The entry fee will be £70 to any one who books before 1st August 2015 - The price may be altered after this date - We will keep you informed.

Day Ticket Prices

Friday £25, Saturday £35, Sunday £30

Accommodation at the Pendulum hotel will be £80 per room per night for the first two nights ( anyone staying for the third night will get that night at £60 per room )

More to follow soon

You can contact us either by email or on Facebook

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We would like to hear from all fans old and new. Tell us what you would like to see at the next Festival. In addition, we would like some feedback on how we can improve. Tell us what you liked or what you did not. If you have attended in the past but have not done so recently tell us why.

Contact us via the website/Facebook or email Tony on anthonyfedwards@hotmail.co.uk or Gil on gil@manchesterfantasticfilms.co.uk

Festival Memories

There are only 4 Books left, once they're gone they're gone. This will not be reprinted so buy it now!

Many of the guest interviews were filmed and are available on dvd.

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Over 20 Years of Film Fandom

A Tribute to .... The Festival of Fantastic Films

Book by George Houston & George Gaddi

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Independent and Amateur Films

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If you want to receive information as soon as it is available then send an email to Tony or Keith to include you on the data base.

Email Tony Edwards: anthonyFedwards@hotmail.co.uk or Keith Mather: mather7@hotmail.co.uk


If you have any comments (positive or negative) then please send them to Gil. Email: gil@manchesterfantasticfilms.co.uk

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